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Hunting Prices and Trip Schedules


OPTION 3 - casual hunting.

These hunts are for the hunter looking for a day hunt or overnight trip to hunt for a cull type stag over for a meat animal

These hunts are all guided .

or just an evening hunt cost NZ$150 per hunter plus NZ$200 per deer.

Both the day and overnight trip gives a 100% chance for a shot at a deer .

The trip normally starts around 3pm on the first day and will finish around noon the next day

an evening meal and breakfast is provided (normally would hunters bring their own bedding )

The hunt can be based from either a small cabin at the coast or from the Roaring Stag hut.

Should we come across a stag on this option and the hunter wants to take a shot then trophy fees would apply

at the guides discretion


Cost for the overnight trip NZ$300 per hunter plus NZ$200 per deer

or cull type stags are from NZ$300 to NZ$1000 at our discretion .

Cost for a full day hunt ( daylight till dark)includes a meal NZ$300 per hunter

For just an evening hunt the cost is NZ$150 per hunter plus NZ$200 per deer

Another option with this hunt is make it an addition to a beach holiday with friends and family

rent one of our beach baches bring your own food and bedding look after yourselves have a beach holiday

and just book an evening hunt

We have a chiller here to keep your deer till you leave .


 up to four hunters can hunt this option as a group.

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