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The references below are from hunters and deerstalkers who have taken trips over the past years.

Gert and Christine always seek to give a high quality service, not only ensuring hunters have a successful trip, but also ensuring all visitors enjoy their experience. Below is some of the feedback from hunters who have enjoyed their trips:

We can provide many more reference contacts with email address or phone numbers for the hunters planning a trip to New Zealand, contact us through our enquiries page or contact us by email     gert @nzhunt .com



From Nelson Ellmore    (Hamilton VA  USA) 2007 season

I want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful Red stag and Fallow deer hunt. I'vehunted many differrent places in the past forty years,nothing compares to this hunt.The dedication and professionalism of all the staff Okau Wilderness Park New Zealand was od the highest standards, making this my most memorable hunt. I harvested a17 point red deer stag and a 23 point Fallow deer, not once was I presured into shooting any animal my guide let me know what the animal scored and the decision was up to me.

The food and all of the accommodation were outstanding. From the dining room you could see the ocean less than five minutes away, looking in the opposite direction the mountains, the most beautifull sight I've ever seen.

After three days hunting our entire group(four hunter two non hunters) had successfully harvested the animals they came for , we all decided to go deep sea fishing. I wiil never forget this fishing trip,weall caught many different species of fish,some were so big it took 15 to twenty minutes to land them. This could not have been a better planned fishing trip.The crew on the boat were fantastic they did everything for us and all we did is just reel in the fish.

If you want an outstanding hunting /Fishing trip, I would not hesitate to recommend Gert and Christine at Okau Willdeness Park.

Nelson Ellmore    

From James Perry (Canada)

We had a wonderful time with Gert and Christine, the hunting was as real as it gets and we saw animals every day. We saw something that would get the heart pumping every day and appreciated Gert's effort to spot deer and look for the biggest deer out there for us. I would recommend any one that is planning a trip to try the estate and free range hunt combo, so you can get your big stag and see what free range stags are like to hunt. Also don't forget to try for a Fallow deer if you get the chance because they are very cagey animals to hunt and are awesome animals to try and get a trophy.



----- Original Message -----
From: Brad & Julie Kautzer <bradley@<deleted>>
To: Gert Vermeer
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 8:00 PM
Subject: Thanks for a great time

Dear Gert & Christine:

Just wanted to drop a note thanking you once again for the absolutely fantastic time Kevin, Rich, Lafe, and I had during our recent hunt with you at Okau Wilderness Park. The entire trip was truly memorable, and one which we'll all have fond memories of for a long time.

Your hospitality during the entire trip was outstanding. Christine, Bob, and yourself all made us feel at home. We really enjoyed learning from you not only the finer points of hunting red stags, but also learning about New Zealand's unique wildlife and hunting traditions. We all have fond memories of the "roaring stag" lodge, excellent food/drink, and a setting which was simple, relaxing, and enjoyable. Even the "caravan" has special memories - especially for Rich!

The hunting experience was outstanding. When Rich and I decided to make a hunting trip to NZ, our first and most important criteria was to have a real hunt, in true wild conditions, and be able to enjoy some rugged New Zealand terrain. When we looked at various options, it was obvious that so many of the hunting" operators were just glorified game farms with large fenced in areas - not exactly our idea of real hunting. We wanted to a hunt where we'd hunt in quality wild terrain, and have a chance to take a trophy size red stag, but in fair chase conditions. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. To have all 4 of us take trophy size stags, and see so many other animals during the course of the week was absolutely unbelievable.

The Paua (abalone) and crayfish (lobster) "hunting" expedition was also enjoyable. The only regret I have is that we could not have spent more time enjoying more hunting, fishing, diving, and in general just enjoying the beautiful country. Guess this just means that we'll have to arrange another trip at some point again in the future! If Rich, Kevin or I can serve as a reference for future clients, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll make sure they hear the many positive aspects of your operation.

Best Regards, and hope to see you again on a future visit.

Brad Kautzer



Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000
Subject: Hunting
Dear Gert and Christine,

Mary and I had a wonderful time. Mary tells everyone, that is willing to listen, of the great time she had, the places Christine had taken her to and the things she saw.

Gert, as you know, I hunted all over the world under various conditions and successes. But, I must say, hunting at Okau Station has to rank up there with the very best. The scenery, the size of the area, and of course, it being directly on the Pacific Ocean made it just wonderful. I had a wonderful time and a great hunt. Seeing dozens of deer on a daily bases with numerous stags in a free range atmosphere, as you have, is very uncommon today, not just in New Zealand but anyplace in the world. To see as much game as you have on your property, one must either travel to a very few countries in Africa, or to a high fenced-in area. It is great tribute to your game management ability and perseverance to have a hunting area such as yours. Your guiding ability and knowledge of the game is second to none. Your willingness to climb those "hills", that in reality to me, are mountains, to look for stags, than to come back down to the bottom and climb up the next hill just to have a better look, goes beyond the call of duty, and made me feel that you cared about the success of my hunt.

The hunt itself was well above my expectation. In three days I shot a 14 point red stag (scoring 307 4/8 SCI), a fallow buck and a wild goat. All three of the animals of SCI record book quality. To accomplish that in a free range area speaks volumes, not on my hunting ability, but on the great place that you have. No doubt about it, I had a great time.

Not to mention, the way you and Christine treated my wife and me. We went there as strangers, I felt we were treated as family, and we left as friends. Thanks for everything.




Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2000
Subject: Re: Okau Wilderness Park

Everything you promised was true, plus more! I had an excellent archery hunt! Although Gert is not an experienced archery guide, his knowledge of the ranch, the game, and their habits more than made up for it. Wind direction is one of the number one factors in bow hunting, and Gert was always very aware and keyed into the wind. Consequently we were able to stalk within twenty to thirty yards of game several times.

In five days, I was able to harvest a nice 12 point red stag, pig, and a real trophy angora goat. Plenty of good food, good company, lots of game, an excellent guide--I'll be back next year.

Thanks again,
John McBride



From: Keith Davidson (New Zealand)

I am most impressed with the Vermeers' operation. Gert was astutely aware of my general lack of fitness, and had kept our walking to a leisurely pace through the easier tracks on the block. This operation could be well suited to others like me who spend far too much time behind a desk (and puffing on cigarettes) and not nearly enough time keeping fit. I would think too that bow hunters would be most impressed with the hunting, as the quiet nature of the undisturbed deer allows very close stalking.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending hunters to book a trip on Okau Station. The operation is very professionally run, the Vermeers are great hosts, and most importantly, the hunter has a great chance of either securing that special trophy, or if not inclined to chase trophies, to at least bag some very tasty venison. Whether you want to hunt with rifle or bow, or even with your camera, the moderate costs and chances of success, as well as the fine company will make your trip an enjoyable one."

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