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Hunting Prices and Trip Schedules


OPTION 1 - "FREE RANGE" TRIPS -up to 4 DAYS HUNTING during the roar for a mature red stag

basic free-range trophy hunt

All inclusive cost -NZ$3500 per hunter with guide up to 5 days includes a red deer stag of 10 to 13 points

or a trophy Fallow stag.

guaranteed chance at a stag of 10 points or more up to 13 points

Costs include all costs associated with the hunt , all food and accommodation during trip, , one mature red deer stag

these hunts can be reduced to three days still giving a guaranteed chance at a mature stag the cost would still be the same

this hunt is suitable for a party of up to four or more hunters if that is the hunters choice.

This hunt is a basic  free-range trophy hunt for a red deer stag of ten points up to 13 points . normally we would try to

get a 12 point or better stag and most hunters would get that or better , should we come across a 14 point or over stag and at the guides

discretion if you wish to shoot it there would be an extra charge of NZ$1000 .

Free-range hunt for a 14 point red deer stag or over up to as large as can be found: cost per hunter NZ$4500 for up to five days includes

all meals and accomadation during the hunt as well as a 14 point or over red deer stag., on this hunt we would try for a 14 point or better red deer stag


Availability -  best hunting times 25th March to 10th May. These trips are timed to give hunters the greatest opportunity to select a true wild red or fallow stag during rut . No hunting of any kind is carried out for the 2 months prior to 25th March, ensuring the deer are plentiful and undisturbed.

Trip duration - This option allows for either 3 to 5 days hunting, to ensure success. For the five day hunt we start around noon of the first day followed by five nights and four full days with the hunt finishing on the morning of the fifth day.

Suitability - Generally for 2 to 3 hunters per party, but if the hunters choose, 4 or 5 may be accommodated, the fitter hunter would get better oportunities on this hunt , however we do have excellent hides and treestands as well as veiwpoints throughout the park giving excellent opportunity's for the hunter who likes to sit and wait for the game. This option is suitable for the hunter who is interested in the hunting trip and roar time experience resulting in securing a good trophy . It is not a fenced hunt with monster bred stags.

Antlers - Excellent chance for 10 to 16 point stags.

Note : red deer stags of 18 points and over if we are lucky enough to see one may be classed as a breeder stag and not be able to be shot

Though at the guides discretion you may be able to shoot it for the extra fee of NZ$1000

These Option 1 hunts can be based from "Roaring Stag Lodge" or " Mt Percy Lodge" with access provided by 2 seater  4x4 motorcycle

or LUV side by side cart. These cabins are basic hunting huts with three to four bedrooms open fire camp cooking , it has no electricity, lighting  is by solar power LED lighting, or from the comfort as a self contained flat near the homestead .

We can with confidence offer a guaranteed plenty of roaring stags and a 100% chance at a Mature red

deer stag.

On this hunt option you can also hunt for following other trophy species

Fallow stag

Arapawa ram

Wild Goat


Free-range hunting is also available from the comfort of the homestead. by staying there inshore fishing and diving is right at your doorstep weather permitting.

This free range hunt is in natural hard core deer habitat. Game numbers are excellent - and it should be noted that this is not a "ring-fenced" hunt. 

For hunters wishing to be picked up and delivered back to Wellington after the hunt there is an extra fee .

We can also prepare antlers and cape for export if required , we can also supply a rifle if required.                           

Be there to experience the excitement of the red stag in the rut - hear the roar - this in the wild is a privilege and almost a forgotten experience.


For hunters wishing to take additional animals, the following trophy fees apply:

Cull ( management red stags) NZ$300 to NZ$600
Red stag antlers from 12 to 13 points = NZ$1,500
Trophy red stag 14 points or more    = NZ$3,000

over 16 points       POA


mature cull type fallow                            = NZ$ 500
Trophy Fallow stag over 180 douglas score = NZ$1,200

Tip to tip, up to 30 inches NZ$300
over 30 inches NZ$500
over 40 inches NZ$800

Pig NZ$50 to NZ$200 at guides discretion
Boar NZ$800

Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Rabbit and Hare can be taken - POA


dependent on the weather POA

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